Cashier software providers

Cico Network enables your merchants and service providers to accept instant cryptocurrency payments. Just like they accept credit cards, PayPal or cash.

Additional revenue

Generate new revenue streams from onboarding new merchants onto the Cico Network scheme and through payments made in their business.

Easy integration

Our API is implementation-ready, used and trusted by many cashier software providers.

Ahead of the game

Gain a competitive advantage by providing an advanced payment solution to your customers.

Easy integration.

Add the Cico Network payment method to your software. We offer a turn-key solution so your customers can start accepting crypto payments immediately.

We have already developed a general Cico Network Payment API, which you can use for integrating Cico Network into your solution.

  • Full API documentation
  • Quick integration tips
  • Trusted by 10+ cashier providers
  • Suitable for any software provider