Cross Border Ecommerce

Cico Network does not want to see any cross boarder e-Commerce storess’ online payment system to be suddenly closed by traditional banks or payment service providers, especially for some cross boarder e-Commerce stores with high “Chargeback Ratio”.

Cico Network is here to solve this problem.

Once your e-Commerce store has been integrated with Cico Network Crypto Payment API (“CICOPay API”), you as a e-Commerce owner could: 

  • Enjoy T+0 settlement period
  • Immediate settlement in cryptocurrencies
  • No Chargeback
  • No Rollover
  • Sell whatever products you want
  • Exchange to any fiat currencies you want
  • Apply for our branded Mastercard® to withdraw cash all over the world* (Apply Now)

Give your clients the option to spend with multiple major cryptocurrencies to give you a Deeper Market Penetration.

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