How it works

Crypto or cryptocurrency is a next-generation digital currency. You can use it just like electronic or paper money, for example to shop at online and local shops or to pay for services.

The payment process for receiving cryptocurrency in your business.

Cicopay how it works_crypto payment for online casinos

Cico Network for Online Casinos and other businesses

Cico Network logo in our trusted merchant network including Online Casinos, Cross-border e-Commerce websites, CFD & FX Brokers and other online stores. (Note: API merchants may not display the Cico Network logo publicly)


1. I want to #paywithcrypto

Online Casinos, Cross-boarder eCommerce or CFD/ FX Broker Merchants collect clients fund or client deposits with cryptocurrency. Enabling the users to enter the amount of cryptocurrency payment they are going to pay, and also the type of cryptocurrency for settlement.

2. Cryptopayment generated

Once the users have confirmed with the payment, the exchange rate of the particular cryptocurrency will be locked or hedged*. It may reduce the cryptocurrency exchange rate risk for the users who have paid for cryptocurrency with high market fluctuation.

3. Cryptocurrency arrival to merchants’ wallet

The cryptocurrency payment sent from the clients will be credited into the merchant’s Cico Network’s wallet inside Merchant Area.

Login to Merchant Area

Recommend your users to install the Trusted Crypto Wallet from below providers.

Using your mobile phone camera, simply scan the QR code at the register and use any of our supported wallets: the Wallet or Wallet or Binance Wallet.