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Million users

Why Cico Network?

CICOPay by Cico Network, the cryptocurrency payment arm of Horizons Visions, is the only independent boutique blockchain payment technology firm that is rooted in Hong Kong, based in Greater Bay Area and covering global markets with strong support from China.

  • ZERO set up costs for the first time ever
  • ZERO chargeback
  • FREE crypto wallet
  • 7X24 I.T. support for merchants
  • INSTANT exchange quotation between crypto and fiat currencies
  • MULTIPLE Cryptocurrencies support
  • LOWEST fees on the market*
  • SPEEDY transactions
  • SECURITY without compromise

How it Works.

Joining the world’s fastest growing crypto payments network is easy.

1. Connect with our single API

Cico Network is available for local and online businesses and stores. Connect with millions of crypto wallet users without changing your business process. Just connect with our API in your website or CRM, you are ready to go.

2. Generate payment

The payment process is simple for you and your customers. Simply create a QR code payment order through Cico Network. Your customer then scans the QR code with their mobile crypto wallet and confirms the transaction. That’s it. So much faster than cash.

3. Receive funds

Receive settlements exchanged into your local currency straight to your bank account*. You can also receive them in crypto if you choose.

Super quick, easy, contactless.

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